Roles and Responsibilities (Sub-Committee Members)

 Community Safety & Policing: Nigel Simpson & Leon Shepherd
 Education:  Nigel Simpson & Leon Shepherd
 Environment:  Clive Stayt, Suzanne Wilson–Higgins, Leon Shepherd & Neil Prestidge
 Finance:  Merlin Smith, Clive Stayt, Neil Prestidge & Emilie Walton
 Highways:  Carol Matheson, Merlin Smith, Suzanne Wilson-Higgins & Clive Stayt
 Planning:  Carol Matheson, Merlin Smith, Clive Stayt, Nigel Simpson & Emilie Walton
 Public Transport:  Merlin Smith & Suzanne Wilson–Higgins
 Recreational Areas (including Stratfield Brake):  Clive Stayt, Leon Shepherd, Neil Prestidge & Emilie Walton
 Airport Liaison:   Clive Stayt and Nigel Simpson