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Our latest newsletter can be found here: Spring 2023 Newsletter 

Walking for wellbeing: Kidlington and Gosford Zoo Trails
Five, zoo-themed walking trails have been created in Kidlington, Gosford & Water Eaton, for families to explore our local area on foot, and to help improve community connectivity and boost physical and mental wellbeing. Further info here: Finding walks Maps can be found here: Zoo trails map

Council tax 
Council tax is collected by your local council to pay for services in your community. You’ll be sent a bill in April each year, with the option to pay off the amount in full, or broken up in instalments. Paying the bill is normally the responsibility of the person living in the property, either the owner-occupiers or tenants in privately rented or council accommodation. Visit Cherwell District Council for further information.

Money earned through council tax goes towards local services including policing, fire services, support for the elderly and vulnerable, parks maintenance, and refuse disposal and street cleaning.

Speed Limits
Oxfordshire County Council’s Transport Strategy encourages walking or cycling as a means of exercise and travel, but pedestrians and cyclists feel intimidated by HGVs and cars travelling too fast on residential streets. Although there are 20mph speed limit zones in parts of Oxfordshire and Oxford City we are joining the campaign to extend this to all towns and villages where vehicles mix with pedestrians and cyclists.

The Parish Council supports the County Council's plans for 20 mph limits across Gosford and Water Eaton parish except on the main arterial roads. See further details on the 20's Plenty for Us campaign.

Report road and street problems
Oxfordshire County Council is the authority responsible for streets and roads. Use their Fixmystreet website to find and report road or street problems including potholes, fallen trees, debris, street signage, street lights, traffic light issues.