The Council

Gosford and Water Eaton Parish has an estimated population of 1400. It is part of Gosford & Water Eaton Ward of the Cherwell District, in the Oxford West and Abingdon Parliamentary Constituency, and is in the UK South-East Region of the European Parliament.

Our Parish Council is made up of local councillors are a mix of political and non-political who work to the benefit of the parish and its residents. Parish Councils play a key part in rural democracy, working to keep Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council in touch with the needs of people from smaller communities.

Gosford and Water Eaton Parish Council consists of eight members, this number having been decided by the County Council as being right for a parish of our size. Every four years a new Council must be elected. Candidates must be properly qualified and nominated. The Parish Clerk is the only salaried employee. The RFO (Responsible Financial Officer) is contracted on a self employed basis.

Gosford and Water Eaton Parish Council and Kidlington Parish Council have a strong working partnership. Many of the issues and challenges faced are shared, therefore we take a collaborative approach to utilise our resources without duplication of effort to serve in the best interest of our communities.

Gosford and Water Eaton Parish Council usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm in the meeting room at Exeter Hall in Kidlington. A copy of the meeting’s agenda and previous minutes are available on this website. If you require printed copies we can arrange this, please contact the Parish Clerk; minutes are also published and available in the Kidlington Library as an annual bound printed set. Any member of the public has a right to be present as an observer at the meetings, and can speak about an issue if he/she gives 14 days written notice to the Parish Clerk to do so.

The Annual Parish Meeting is held each year in the spring (May). At this meeting the Council reports on its activities, the financial accounts are presented and a report on parochial charities is received. There is discussion on matters of general interest. Any member of the public may attend, but only electors of Gosford and Water Eaton may take an active part (i.e. ask question, join in discussions, vote). The date of the meeting is notified on the website in the Kidlington News.

The County and District Councils provide the major services, such as Highways, Education, Housing, Social Care and the Police: Thames Water is responsible for Sewerage and Water Supply. However, these authorities can easily, and in some cases must, consult parish Councils because the Parish Councils are the only local councils in close, regular touch with their electorate. The Parish Council’s duties and responsibilities are wide-ranging and diverse.

Planning Information:

The Parish Council receives a copy of all Gosford and Water Eaton planning applications and views the sites of proposed developments but its powers are limited to sending observations and comments to Cherwell District Council who make the decisions.

To view or comment on a planning application and appeals please see the Cherwell District Council Planning portal.